Engineering Design & Optimization Group

The Engineering Design and Optimization Group (EDOG) conducts research in a variety of areas:


Office: 332 Leonhard

Phone: 814-863-7523

Fax: 814-863-4745



· Simulation-Based Design

· Finite Element Methods

· Product Family Design

· Internet-Based Mass Customization

· Robust Optimization

· Topology Optimization


Office: 314 Leonhard

Phone: 814-865-1617

Fax: 814-865-9693

Email: mxf36@psu.edu


Dr. Mary Frecker

Office: 326 Leonhard

Phone: 814-863-7136

Fax: 814-863-4745

Email: tws8@psu.edu


Dr. Tim Simpson


EDOG group picture, Summer Lunch, June, 2012

· Compliant Mechanisms

· Smart Structures and Actuators

· Design of Smart Tools for Minimally Invasive Surgery

· Design of Experiments and Metallurgy




Research Projects


Our Other Side


August 6, 2013

EDOG lab members Yash Tummala and Kevin McGough present some of their research work at the IDETC conference in Portland, Oregon.


July 31, 2013

EDOG lab members who are part of the Origami Engineering project worked with local kids to promote creativity and problem solving , which are keys to becoming a successful engineer. Read more here.


July 12, 2013

EDOG lab members demonstrate their work with active origami structures at the KCF Tech pARTy. This event was designed to promote a collaboration between arts and engineering in the State College community.


March, 2013

Dr. Frecker in collaboration Dr. Hubbard from the University of Maryland receive a four year grant from the AFOSR as part of the Multi-Scale Structural Mechanics & Prognosis Program.


February 27, 2013

A group from EDOG working on the EFRI-ODISSEI project will travel to Penn State Great Valley to give a presentation on their work on a multi-disciplinary team. To learn more click here.


January, 2013

EDOG faculty Mary Frecker, and lab member Adrienne Crivaro were featured in an ASEE PRISM magazine article on the emerging topic of origami engineering. Click here to learn more.


August 14, 2012

EDOG Lab member Jennifer Hyland won an award for the “Best Interactive Presentation” at the Compliant Mechanisms Symposium at the ASME IDETC in Chicago.

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July, 2012

Penn State awarded EFRI-ODISSEI Grant. Read the full story. To learn more about all the EFRI projects click here.


June 26, 2012

EDOG lab members Yash Tummala and Brittany Murphy with Open Design Lab member Charlotte de Vries won “Best Design Process” for the Iron Lion Design Challenge 2012 Part 1.


May 30, 2012

EDOG lab member Yash Tummala won third place for "Design and Optimization of a Compliant Spine with Tailorable Nonlinear Stiffness." Read the full story.


April 27, 2011

EDOG lab member Melissa Buydash received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships.  She will be attending MIT in Fall, 2011.  Read the full story.


April 19, 2011

Dr. Timothy Simpson wins Fred Merryfield Design Award for his extraordinary leadership in engineering design.  Read the full story.


November 5, 2010

Penn State produces a video on Dr. Mary Frecker’s work in advancing surgery using mesoscale instruments.  Read the full story.


October 1, 2010

EDOG lab member Yash Tummala was a finalist for the best student paper award in the Bioinspired Smart Materials and Structures Symposion at SMASIS 2010.


September 8, 2010

EDOG lab member Samantha Cirone receives The Gabron Graduate Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering.  Read the full story.


April 12, 2010

EDOG lab members Milton Aguirre and Andrew Rau presented posters at the Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minneapolis.


April 1, 2010

Terry Johnson wins first place in the paper competition at the SPIE Conference.  Read the full story.


Oct. 20, 2009

Laura Slingerland, Nathaniel Troupe and advisor Leland Engel, display their eco-marathon car at the World Business Forum in NYC.  Read the full story.


Sept. 11, 2009

EDOG lab members Cassie Niebel and Andrew Rau place at ASME Design Competition in California.  Read the full story


July 30, 2009

Milton Aguirre is awarded the Kulakowski Travel Award for the 2009-2010 academic year. Read the full story.


Mar. 18, 2009

Dr. Tim Simpson has been elected a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME).  Read the full story.


March 16, 2009

A paper authored by Dr. Mary Frecker, Dr. George Lesieutre and Vipul Mehta has won a best paper aware from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Aerospace Division.  Read the full story.


Feb. 19, 2009

MNE student Cassie Niebel is honored at the 2009 senior recognition banquet. 

Read the full story. 


Oct. 13, 2008

Dr. Tim Simpson has been elected an associate fellow by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).  Read the full story.


Sept. 8, 2008

Dr. Mary Frecker  has been named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  Read the full story.